Video game museum ?

The first museum in Canada dedicated solely to Video Games on permanent exhibit.

Where did this museum come from?

In 1984, at the age of 8, I visited the ANJEU arcade (in the St Bruno shopping mall) and one game really made an impression on me : TX-1 from Atari Tazmi (now known as Tatsumi). This game literally launched into a career in video gaming. I said to myself: ‘This is what I want to do when I grow up!’. Instead of playing ball outside with the other kids I was reading electronics books from Radio Shack… (another game from 1985 also inspired me: Phantasy Star by SEGA).

TX-1 was the first car racing simulator to use three screens and four audio cards to create a 180 degree visual environment. This game was really fun! I started reading programming manuals and teaching myself about video game with a view to starting a career. In 1999, I got my hands on a TX-1 motherboard and this is now functional and on display in the Museum.

At 16 I worked at the Playcorp ‘centre-d’échange Rive Sud’ (now called Gameover in the Longueuil district of St-Hubert). At this time I became one of the first to repair consoles in the region. I repaired many systems from Sega and Nintendo as well as problems related to the read heads on the Playstation 1 and Sega Saturn. (My experience in electronics + education in electronics repair)

Now I collect all types of consoles and games that give me a sense of nostalgia. But iv’e being collecting since the very beginning by pure passion. If you have an old game that you don’t use any more we would appreciate a message from your behalf trough our Facebook page, rather than throwing it out or leaving it in a drawer, I can clean it, research it, document it, and display it so that the community can preserve the history of video gaming.


I invite you to visit the PIXEL-TIME museum. The arcade games PACMAN, Asteroids, TRON, TETRIS are all playable! For reservations call 1.800.292.5110.

David Deschênes