Jr. Pac Man Arcade

Jr. Pac-Man, as you might of guessed it, is based on the original PAC-MAN game. Launched in 1983 by Midway, this game was not part of the PAC-MAN series. Jr. Pac-Man was created without permission from Namco, which had the rights to Pac-Man at the time. It was one of the games that led to the termination of the contract between Namco and Midway.

The playability is very similar to its predecessor. The player controls Pac-Man Jr. (who wears an animated propeller beanie) and scores points by eating all the Pac-Dots in the maze. Four ghosts are chasing you around and are trying to eat you. Some pellets, once eaten, will make the ghosts vulnerable to Jr.’s jaws. There are 6 of those pellets in each labyrinth, compared to four in the ”classic” PAC-MAN. One of the great differences of this game, compared to the “classic ” PAC-MAN is the size of the maze. In fact, the mazes are now twice the size of the the screen and the ghosts can very well be hidden in the part of the labirinth that is not shown on the sreen. In total, seven different mazes are offered to the player.

Jr. Pac-Man also contains some purely aesthetic changes, such as the anti-aliasing for scores and game text. Some ghosts’ names were changed as well, Clyde has been replaced by a third orange ghost named Tim.

Due to the somewhat limited popularity of the game, initially the only released port was for the Atari 2600 conseole. This version features different mazes that scroll vertically rather than horizontally, but is otherwise a faithful adaptation. The adaptation for the Atari 5200 and the 8-bit computers were completed in 1984, but were quickly scrapped with the release of Super Pac-Man.


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