NES – Final Fantasy

Virtually the entire world knows the legendary RPG series Final Fantasy. Today we can count sixteen different versions of Final Fantasy since 1987. Today the game evolves in parallel with each generation of home console. At the time there was a decline vis-à-vis the interest Famicom Disk System known internationally as the NES or the Nintendo. Convinced that this project would be the last before you drop everything, Square named it Final Fantasy. To the surprise met the games a success and saved the company from bankruptcy in giving it a second wind.

The game makes you take place in a world divided into three continents. You play the roles of four warriors of light. The games really offered a lot of opportunities for players eg each character could be customized as if you wanted it to be from the following classes (Warrior, Rogue, Monk, Red Mage, White Mage and Black Mage), moreover, once having been a class long enough, the character may retain certain abilities of this class, even if you decided to change. The game also offered a wonderful style of fighting, the side of vision, or the monsters on one side and your team to the other, each chose a strategic action in turn in order to prevail over the other. Many game players RPG have the famous habit of going round in circles for hours, to reshuffle again these watches that continues to recur and that make you gain experience, to combat more easily the next upcoming monsters in this story Hanging. The game also contains some secrets I’ll let you discover, however if you still have a chance to NES.

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