NES – Rad Racer

I present to you a game developed and published by Square Co, Rad Racer a racing game for the NES. Should we call it Rad Racer or Highway Star? Indeed the first version launched earlier in Japan in 1987, was called Highway Star. But why had its name changed? Simply to avoid being homonymous with the famous song by Deep Purple: Highway Star.

A choice of two cars is offered, a Formula 1 or a Ferrari 328. The game features a series of 8 races where the players must pass through several checkpoints, within a time limit. In case of collision, your vehicle will be immobilized for a set amount of time before resuming the race. The animation of accidents is pretty awful, to say the least. Watch out, opponents become increasingly aggressive over time, they will then attempt to get in your way. The graphics offer a beautiful colour palette and a sense of speed very well managed; even the scenery in the background changed and gets closer as you progress. It makes the game even more interesting. Did you also know that the game also offers a “3D” mode? Yes, even at that time, thanks to the provided bi-color 3D glasses, players could experience a three-dimension image.

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