Nintendo – Nintendo Entertainment System

The NES, better known as the Nintendo, was born in Japan in 1985. The NES played a major role in the revitalizing the video game industry. It sold about 50 000 copies only in New York. Given this success, the company decided to supply new stocks throughout the country. Nintendo then released simultaneously eighteen launch titles, including Super Mario Bros. For its release in North America, Nintendo distributed two different sets, the Control Deck, sold for $199.99 and included the Super Mario Bros game and the second set, the Deluxe Set, sold at $ 249.99 with a small robot named ROB and an infrared gun for Duck Hunt and Gyromite games.

The NES was the first console to offer a wide variety of game styles: RPG, action, adventure, shooter and sports. The console has an 8-bit microprocessor, leaving much to the imagination. The console offers a large number of game cartridges, having contact problems as its main default; a recurring problem for later Nintendo consoles. The cartridges are made of three different main components, a RAM chip for graphics, a ROM for the content of the program and an authentication chip named 10NES, that connects the cartridge to the console to validate the authenticity of the games (so that only the cartridges manufactured by Nintendo would function). For cons, the console offers players the option to play alone or with two players for a competition, or, a team effort to complete the challenges identified. Shortly after, Nintendo began to create a variety of accessories such as: The Power Glove, the Zapper Gun, the game engineering, Speedboard, Roll & Rockabilly, Laser Scope, the UFOrce and much more. Today most of these gadgets are included in a more interesting way on the Wii.


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