Nintendo – Super Nintendo Entertainment System


In the early 90s, Nintendo and NEC decided to join forces to design a console that can overcome the “all-powerful” Sega Megadrive. They wanted to create a much more powerful system than the NES (which was only 8 bits) and which would be based on the Turbografx-16. However, the Japanese firm later decided to break the alliance and develop a totally new 16-bit console.

It is in November 1990 that Nintendo launched the Super Famicom in Japan. After ten years of success for the NES and 50 million units sold, the Kyoto company decided to embark in the Hi-Tech console market, while still maintaining affordable prices. Even today, Nintendo offers good and reasonably priced consoles to consumers.

It is therefore in August 1991 that Nintendo launches its new console in North America in a slightly modified form and now called Super NES. When released, the SNES is the most powerful console on the market, if we don’t take into account the SNK’s Neo Geo which had an exorbitant price. The only negative side of the SNES over the Megadrive was its slow processor. Fortunately, the problem was bypassed by adding, to some game cartridges, special chips that improved speed.

One of the first successes on Super NES, was probably Zelda 3: A Link to the Past. Another successful titles from over 2500 games released on this console was Street Fighter II and its many plus versions, premium, champion edition, etc. Not to mention the inevitable games like Star Fox, Donkey Kong Country, or the many RPGs.

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