Odyssey – Amored Encounter / Sub Chase

The Armored Encounter and Sub Chase are action games developed and published by Magnavox in 1978 for Odyssey².

Armored Encounter is literally a clone of Atari’s Combat. Different terrains and weapons (and combination of weapons) are available to players: a flat, rugged or mountainous terrain; and a cannon, guided missiles, mines, cannon and mines, guided missiles and mines. The players must eliminate one another in three minutes. The winner is the one who touches the most times the other player. In Sub Chase, the player is a fighter pilot in command of a Hawk jet against the missile launcher Shark submarine. In the multiplayer mode, the first player controls the jet and the second one controls the submarine. The player must hit the other player as often as possible in three minutes; every successful shot counts for one point. To add to the difficulty, there are neutral boats on the surface, each time a player touches a neutral vessel, he looses a point. Whoever has the most points at the end of the allotted time wins.

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