Odyssey – Blockout / Breakdown

Block Out and Breakdown are arcade games released by Magnavox in 1979 for Odyssey².

The purpose of Blockout is simple, get through the four block rows. There is a character on every row that replaces the destroyed blocks. Every time the character replaces a block, he must recharge by reaching either end of the row. In the multiplayer mode, the second player would control these little characters in order to prevent the first player to win in 90 seconds.

Breakdown is a variation of Blockout. The aim is to break as many blocks as possible in 60 seconds. Unlike Blockout, the ball doesn’t bounce when it hits a block, instead it simply disappears with the block itself. As in Blockout, the second player controls these small characters, but this time they move much faster and do not have to recharge (but they have a limited number of blocks that they can replace).

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