Odyssey – Invaders from Hyperspace

Invaders from Hyperspace is an action game released by Magnavox in 1972 for Odyssey².

The player is in the battle command center at the heart of the United Planets Galactic Interstellar Empire. From there, he must monitor the activites of the Terien and Lorin from a 43 billion light years distance. His misison is to control and protect the planets of the solar systems from the enemy’s fleet, using remotely controlled warships. The player controls his ship with the joystick and launches lasers with the action button. The enemy’s fleet will have no mercy and will try to destroy you and conquer the planets. The conquered planets become of the same color as the the enemy ship. To win the planets, the player must shoot it (the enemy does the same thing). If the player’s ship is unfortunately destroyed, a new one is launched from a planet not conquered by the enemy. If the player crashes on a hostile planet, the ship and the planet are destroyed; destroyed planets don’t reappear. The winner is the first one to have destroyed ten enemy ships.

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