Odyssey – K.C. Munchkin

K.C. Munchkin is developed by Ed Averett and published in 1981 by Philips. K.C. Munchkin is possibly the most famous Odyssey²’s game, but perhaps not for the right reasons. Philips launched the game to take advantage of the popularity of Pac-Man’s gameplay, but tried to change the gameplay just enough to avoid a demand letter. Atari, who has the rights to Pac-Man, obviously sues Philips for copyright infringement. Two of the three judges ruled against the Philips and forbid the sale of K.C. Munchkin in stores and ordered that they empty all their stock. Despite the rulling, the game continued to be widely sold. It is very easy to find this game today. The verdict against Philips became an important precedent in software and games copyright law.

The principle of K.C. Munchkin is very similar to Pac-Man. It embodies a small character who must make his way through a maze to collect pellets. Things would be way too simple if it wouldn’t be for a bunch of ghosts pursuing! Fortunately, some flashing pellets will make you invincible to their assaults; better yet, you can even eat the unscrupulous ghosts and give them a taste of their own medicine! After all the pellets are collected, you move to the next level, with faster and more aggressive ghosts.

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