Mario Bros. series

Mario first appeared in 1981, in Donkey Kong under the name of Jumpman. He was then a carpenter. The famous plumber arrives in 1983 in Mario Bros which is developed and published by the equally famous Nintendo. Mario Bros is imagined by the great Shigeru Miyamoto, who is behind the Nintendo’s successes, such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Pikmin and Star Fox. Mario Bros is ignored at its release in the arcades, but finds success in 1986 with its reissue on the NES that sold more than 2,279,000 copies. During the development of the game, Mario dies if he falls from too high, Yokio (second creator of Mario Bros) suggested to Miyamoto the idea that Mario should fall from any height. Miyamoto was not warm to the idea, but he was finally convinced that it was ok for his character to have a superhuman ability.

According to Miyamoto, Mario’s appearance has nothing to do with chance. He confessed that he drew Mario with a cap because it was difficult to draw hair and because you would not see his hair if he passes in front of a black spot. To avoid drawing the Mario’s mouth, an element too thin for the technical limitations of the time, he added a big mustache. We will have to wait until 1988 for the US and European versions, where the color of the overalls becomes fixed, red top and blue overalls.

The game features the plumber Mario and his brother Luigi, who must fight the creatures of the New York sewers. The goal is simple, eliminate all the enemies on the level scoring the maximum points and then move to the next level. There is a multiplayer mode, where the second player controls Luigi and competes with the first player. Levels are fixed and small. They have several floors on which the enemies use the pipes to move to the upper or lower floor. The game’s mechanics involve running and jumping. It is possible to get out of a side of the screen and walk out from the other side. To defeat the enemies, Mario and Luigi must strike the bottom of a platform by jumping from the floor bellow. The enemy will turn on its back and becomes vulnerable; to be eliminated, its just need to touch it. There are three types of enemies, the Shellcreeper (not Koopa Troopa, which will appear in Super Mario Bros.), the Sidestepper, which requieres two hits to flip overt, and Fighter Fly.

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