Odyssey – Out of this World / Helicopter Rescue

Out of this World / Helicopter Rescue was developed and published in 1979 by Magnavox for Odyssey².

Out of this World is much like Space Rendezvous and Lunar Lander. In the match time, the two players must dock their ship on the orbiting mother ship. The first pilot to have completed 10 perfet docks wins. However, every players has 50 megajoules of energy, but this number can increase or decrease. For example, if you crash your ship on the planet, you need 10 megajoules restart. To refuel, you should land softly on the ground and thus gain 10 megajoules. In addition, by performing a docking, you will be refueled. If you lack fuel, you are eliminated.

In Helicopter Rescue, the player is in control of a Daredevil rescue helicopter. The goal is to save as many people as possible in two minutes. The survivors will have to be transported from the roof of Doomsday Hotel to the resort. The helicopter is controlled by the analog stick and the rope by the action button.

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