Odyssey – Showdown in 2011 A.D.

Showdown in 2100 AD is an action game developed by Ed Averett and published by Magnavox in 1979 for Odyssey² .

A typical shootout of the Wild West, or not quite. Showdown in 2100 AD proposes that, but with a special touch. Each player must hit his opponent 10 times to win the game. The two shooters shoot for their lives but they are taken by surprise because sometimes their bullets ricochet in different directions, even in their own direction! Each player has 6 balls and can reload their weapons by finding the hidden balls in trees that match their outfit. But attention to these stray bullets !!! Showdown in 2100 AD is a simple game, typical arcade style in 1980. Known for its simplicity, this game is for those who want nothing more than a simple exchange of fire.

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