Sega Turbo 1981

Unlike most of the other arcades, the Turbo saves your score and displays it next to the highest scores, on a LED panel. The arcade has no covere, so the name of the game only appears on top of the monitor and on the side.

Sega Turbo puts your skills to the tests. Drive your car, from the third person’s perspective, in the city, on the hills, in tunnels, in long curves, on bridges, on snow, at dusk or dawn. Unanticipated changes will test your reflexes, from sudden temperature changes to the ambulance that must urgently make it to the hospital. Points are accumulated by staying on the road and overtaking other competitors. To win, the player must pass and stay ahead of thirty cars. The game ends when the time is up and the player has not passed thirty cars or when the player crashes his last car.

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