Vectrex – Hyper Chase

Speed lovers, to your joysticks! Hyper Chase is sort of the granddaddy of Wip3eout and F-Zero, this is an incredibly fast and nervous racing game. Hyper Chase is developed by GCE in 1982. The principle is as simple as effective, move as quickly as possible to the finish line. The technical characteristics of the time was not sufficient to give any driving feel, the game is meant to be purely arcade. Basically, just avoid adverse cars to progress.

During the game, if the player leaves the road and hits another vehicle, he loses a car. In the first mode of the game, the vehicle reappears, but the player looses precious time. In the second mode, the player can not return to the track unless he has cars remaining; he begins with five vehicles and wins one when he reaches 15,000 points. In both modes, the player resumes the race at the point where he stopped.

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