Nintendo – Virtual Boy

It is in April 1994 that we hear for the first time of a new console called VR-32. At the time, Nintendo was already working on Project Reality, the future Nintendo 64. Therefore, the VR machine will replace the Famicon (NES) and Super Famicon (SNES), it will have to compete with the imminent arrive of Sony’s Playstation and SEGA’s Saturn, both 32-bit consoles.

It was only during the Tokyo Shoshinkai Exhibition of 1994 that the Virtual Boy is officially named and launched. It would be accompanied, upon its release, of a dozen games priced lower than the Super Nintendo games. The advertisements are beginning and start boasting the revolutionary 3D effects and an immersion never seen before.

We are in 1996, the Japanese firm knows that its console sells poorly. Nintendo does not voluntarily communicate the sales figures for fear of scaring the potential buyers. In Japan, the console is even offered for $ 11 and some games for $ 1.

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