Sega CD – Vay

Vay is a fantastic/science fiction RPG developed by SIMS in Japan for the Sega CD. Working Desings handled the marketing in North American.

Over a milenium ago, in a far away part of the galaxy, a great and terrible war rages. During this conflict, a huge machine leaves the battlefield. As its guidance system is damaged and the pilot is dead, the machine continues to drift in space. After a time, it crashes on a planet named Vay. It took the combined forces of the five strongest magicians of the planet to stop the machine. Its power was sealed in five magical orbs, which were carried away to secret places. The machine itself was also hidden. As the years advanced, the more the legend of the machine faded.

In the kingdom of Lorath, Prince Sandor is about to marry Lady Elin. The most important dignitaries from the four kingdoms will attend the mariage to ensure that the Kingdom of Lorath is secure for another generation. In the middle of the ceremony, the castle is attacked by a robot army. During the siege, the fortress is reduced to ashes and Elin is kidnapped. Sandor then vows to save his sweet darling from her abductors.

Vay has a very classic game mechanics for the RPGs. The player gains experience and gold by killing monsters encountered randomly. He can also buy new equipment and learn new skills. The game also has a rudimentary artificial intelligence system that gives the enemy the ability to attack you automatically.

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