Sega Genesis – Phantasy Star 2

Phantasy Star 2 is a Sega RPG released in 1989 on the Sega Genesis. This is, you guessed it, the second episode of the series of Phantasy Star. Somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy is the solar system Algol. Its main star, Algo, has three planets in orbit around it. The first is Palm, the seat of government, where the upper classes of the population are located. The second is Mota, formerly desert and hostile because of the presence of giant antlions. It is transformed into a tropical paradise with artificial irrigation means. Since then, life on this planet has become enjoyable. Dezo is the most distant one, the planet of ice, little is known about it.

A thousand years have passed since Alis freed Algol Lassic’s domination. Under the direction of a giant computer named Mother Brain, Algol has become prosperous. You play Rolf, who leaves his home in Paseo, capital of Mota, to join Central Tower where Mota’s government head assigns you a new mission.

The game offers the player the posssibility to lead a team of up to four characters. The battles are turn based; the player starts by giving instructions to his characters and then observes the unwinding of the round. He then gives instructions for the next round, and it all starts over again. The orders range from the use of magic, to the normal or special attack, through the use of object or defense (using a shield). The game is very difficult and the player is forced to make leveling (to stop at a place in the game and improve the characteristics of his characters).

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