Sega Master System – Phantasy Star

We are at the 342nd century of the sidereal era on three planets of the Algol solar system. On the planet Palma, under the democratic rule of King Lassic, people were happy and lived in tranquillity and peace. Palma scientists had developed, some 200 years ago, space travel which led to the colonization of the otherer two planets of the solar system, Motavia and Dezoris.

Unfortunately, the situation did not last. Gradually things started to change. A new religion appeared and a rumour was running that it came from another galaxy. The priests, about whom nothing was known and nobody had ever seen, promised immortality to all those who would join them. The king, who was beginning to get old, entertained the idea of eternal life. So, he was the first one to be converted to this religion. Then Lassic completely changed. One day, the priests offered him a mystical armor, from the day he put it on, he started ruling as an evil and corrupt tyrant.

The game is amazing, especially when compared with other titles of the Master System. It offers a first person view in the dungeons and a display approaching 3D games that come out much later. It may be noted that the game is one of the first cartridges to include an internal memory for saving the player’s progress.

What jumps out right away is the fact that the game is pretty, very pretty for the ability of the time. The city is large (Caminet, capital of Palma), composed of three parts connected by gateways, themselves guarded by guards. Furthermore, approaching a resident, entering a building or even when using the main menu we are shown a pseudo first-person view which offers a new perspective of the city. All of this with shimmering colors and a design that does not lack taste. For sure, the graphics perfectly contribute to the ambience and honor the Master System capabilities. But it does not stop there, throughout the game you will encounter a wide variety of environments: from the plains of Palma, the Dezoris’ snowy steppe passing through Motavia’s rocky desert, we get the feeling that we are truly travelling, a surprising feat for an over 20 years old game!

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