SNK – Neo-Geo

The Neo-Geo, also called NeoGeo Advanced Entertainment System is created and marketed by SNK in 1990. It is also one of the first available for rental in 1991. The Neo-Geo has the distinction of being, from a Technical standpoint, identical to the MVS Neo-Geo arcade system with which it shares a common library of games.

The console was born in Japan on April 26, 1990. It had a very high price of 58,000 yen, around 560 dollars, even if no game came with it, it had to be rented. Initially, four titles were available for rent: NAM-1975 MahJong Kyoretsuden, Baseball Stars Professional and Magical Lord. From July 1991 the Neo-Geo is marketed in the US by SNK Corporation of America. First scheduled to be sold at $ 599, the console will be launched in two different set:

  • The “Gold” Package for $ 650, containing the console with two joysticks, a memory card and a game, either Pro Baseball Stars or NAM-1975. Later, the pack will automatically include the Magician Lord game.
  • ​The “Silver” Package for $ 400 without games and with a single joystick.

We shouldn’t forget to mention that the Neo-Geo games were sold for 200 dollars each. Sales of the console were going well. Despite the realease of PlayStation and Saturn by the end of 1994, the Neo-Geo continues to be sold to its loyal public.

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