Nintendo – Gameboy

Here a portable video game console created in 1989, the Game Boy. It was very well received due to the monochrome screen, which of course was rendering an average image quality, therefore reducing the initial price. This small, autonomous and portable console has a wide variety of games. The Game Boy was one of the best selling console and this, with the release of two legendary games: Tetris, which was sold with the console in 1989 and pokemon in 1996.  The Game Boy had a hundred million copies sold, which gives it the second place right behind Playstation 2.

since the release date in 1989, the Game Boy evolved in many versions : The Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Light, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Micro and Nintendo DS which is still in constant evolution. This portable console is actually a fusion between a console and a remote controller from Nintendo. Numbers of children and even adults played it at any time of the day, while they could now bring it at school or during break time at work.. You had the choice between more than 450 games. From the shoot’em up,  platformers or even puzzle games to brawling and sport games. The original Game Boy would always bring complete satisfaction. The Game Boy is powered by 4 AA batteries, for an intense gameplay going up to 15 hours. It has 4-channel FM stereo sound with a headphone plug , by the height of the mighty 8-bits,
it’s packed with all kind of awesome.