Flare Technology – Jaguar

The company Flare Technology states that it can profitably produce a console superior to the Super Nintendo. Atari accepts without hesitation to finance this new console and concludes a $500 million deal for manufacturing. The Jaguar is a 64 bits console. Atari tries to show its superiority over existing 16-bit systems. Their attempt was unfortunately a failure because the hardware contained some bugs and the game developpement was very difficult, due to the complexity of the programming system.

At the Jaguar’s realease, competitors were quick to announce their next generation consoles; Ultra 64 for Nintendo, Saturn for SEGA and Playstation for Sony. Given its failure, of a meagre sale of 120,000 consoles in the United States, they attempted one last time to assert Jaguars’s superiority over existing 16-bit consoles, but it was a desperate and futile attempt.

The career of this console began in 1993 and ended abruptly in 1995. It is also interesting to note that in the beginning, Atari was working on another console called the Panther (a 32 Bit console), but the project fell through and gave way to the Jaguar. They also released a handheld pocket size console named Lynx, it can be compared to the famous Game Boy.