NES – Final Fantasy

Virtually the entire world knows the legendary RPG series Final Fantasy. Today we can count sixteen different versions of Final Fantasy since 1987. Today the game evolves in parallel with each generation of home console. At the time there was a decline vis-à-vis the interest Famicom Disk System known internationally as the NES or the Nintendo. Convinced that this project would be the last before you drop everything, Square named it Final Fantasy. To the surprise met the games a success and saved the company from bankruptcy in giving it a second wind.

The game makes you take place in a world divided into three continents. You play the roles of four warriors of light. The games really offered a lot of opportunities for players eg each character could be customized as if you wanted it to be from the following classes (Warrior, Rogue, Monk, Red Mage, White Mage and Black Mage), moreover, once having been a class long enough, the character may retain certain abilities of this class, even if you decided to change. The game also offered a wonderful style of fighting, the side of vision, or the monsters on one side and your team to the other, each chose a strategic action in turn in order to prevail over the other. Many game players RPG have the famous habit of going round in circles for hours, to reshuffle again these watches that continues to recur and that make you gain experience, to combat more easily the next upcoming monsters in this story Hanging. The game also contains some secrets I’ll let you discover, however if you still have a chance to NES.

Mario Bros. series

Mario first appeared in 1981, in Donkey Kong under the name of Jumpman. He was then a carpenter. The famous plumber arrives in 1983 in Mario Bros which is developed and published by the equally famous Nintendo. Mario Bros is imagined by the great Shigeru Miyamoto, who is behind the Nintendo’s successes, such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Pikmin and Star Fox. Mario Bros is ignored at its release in the arcades, but finds success in 1986 with its reissue on the NES that sold more than 2,279,000 copies. During the development of the game, Mario dies if he falls from too high, Yokio (second creator of Mario Bros) suggested to Miyamoto the idea that Mario should fall from any height. Miyamoto was not warm to the idea, but he was finally convinced that it was ok for his character to have a superhuman ability.

According to Miyamoto, Mario’s appearance has nothing to do with chance. He confessed that he drew Mario with a cap because it was difficult to draw hair and because you would not see his hair if he passes in front of a black spot. To avoid drawing the Mario’s mouth, an element too thin for the technical limitations of the time, he added a big mustache. We will have to wait until 1988 for the US and European versions, where the color of the overalls becomes fixed, red top and blue overalls.

The game features the plumber Mario and his brother Luigi, who must fight the creatures of the New York sewers. The goal is simple, eliminate all the enemies on the level scoring the maximum points and then move to the next level. There is a multiplayer mode, where the second player controls Luigi and competes with the first player. Levels are fixed and small. They have several floors on which the enemies use the pipes to move to the upper or lower floor. The game’s mechanics involve running and jumping. It is possible to get out of a side of the screen and walk out from the other side. To defeat the enemies, Mario and Luigi must strike the bottom of a platform by jumping from the floor bellow. The enemy will turn on its back and becomes vulnerable; to be eliminated, its just need to touch it. There are three types of enemies, the Shellcreeper (not Koopa Troopa, which will appear in Super Mario Bros.), the Sidestepper, which requieres two hits to flip overt, and Fighter Fly.

NES – Zelda

The Legend of Zelda was released for the NES in 1986. It was, by the way, the first of a large and indispensable saga much appreciated by all. With Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword launched on the Wii, there are now Fifteen games that are officially part of the Zelda series. The series has a total of 14 world records. The Zelda game is known for its unique atmosphere, its little charismatic character and its overall quality. You will surely fall in love with this game series that is considered to be one of the most important video game franchise ever.

Zelda is like a “miniature garden” brought to life, with which we can play. It is an action-adventure game where the player controls Link, a young man armed with a sword and shield, that has to save Zelda, the princess of Hyrule. This game is a mixture of puzzles, stages of exploration and combat. When a riddle is solved or an area is thoroughly searched, the player is frequently rewarded by the acquisition of a new objects. At the exact moment of the reward, you will hear the famous sound known by all. What a feeling of happiness! The dungeons hide special items such as the famous boomerang, which immobilizes enemies at a long distance. Link must conquer the eight dungeons to gather the eight pieces of the “Triforce”. He will then have access to the ninth dungeons where he save his princess. To save her, he will have to face his nemesis Ganon, which in this old version, was in the form of a big pig. This is a game that was loved very much. It was so much loved, that more than six million copies were sold. This was the beginning of the millions of fans who, even today, remain true to Link’s adventures.

NES – Rad Racer

I present to you a game developed and published by Square Co, Rad Racer a racing game for the NES. Should we call it Rad Racer or Highway Star? Indeed the first version launched earlier in Japan in 1987, was called Highway Star. But why had its name changed? Simply to avoid being homonymous with the famous song by Deep Purple: Highway Star.

A choice of two cars is offered, a Formula 1 or a Ferrari 328. The game features a series of 8 races where the players must pass through several checkpoints, within a time limit. In case of collision, your vehicle will be immobilized for a set amount of time before resuming the race. The animation of accidents is pretty awful, to say the least. Watch out, opponents become increasingly aggressive over time, they will then attempt to get in your way. The graphics offer a beautiful colour palette and a sense of speed very well managed; even the scenery in the background changed and gets closer as you progress. It makes the game even more interesting. Did you also know that the game also offers a “3D” mode? Yes, even at that time, thanks to the provided bi-color 3D glasses, players could experience a three-dimension image.

Nintendo – Nintendo Entertainment System

The NES, better known as the Nintendo, was born in Japan in 1985. The NES played a major role in the revitalizing the video game industry. It sold about 50 000 copies only in New York. Given this success, the company decided to supply new stocks throughout the country. Nintendo then released simultaneously eighteen launch titles, including Super Mario Bros. For its release in North America, Nintendo distributed two different sets, the Control Deck, sold for $199.99 and included the Super Mario Bros game and the second set, the Deluxe Set, sold at $ 249.99 with a small robot named ROB and an infrared gun for Duck Hunt and Gyromite games.

The NES was the first console to offer a wide variety of game styles: RPG, action, adventure, shooter and sports. The console has an 8-bit microprocessor, leaving much to the imagination. The console offers a large number of game cartridges, having contact problems as its main default; a recurring problem for later Nintendo consoles. The cartridges are made of three different main components, a RAM chip for graphics, a ROM for the content of the program and an authentication chip named 10NES, that connects the cartridge to the console to validate the authenticity of the games (so that only the cartridges manufactured by Nintendo would function). For cons, the console offers players the option to play alone or with two players for a competition, or, a team effort to complete the challenges identified. Shortly after, Nintendo began to create a variety of accessories such as: The Power Glove, the Zapper Gun, the game engineering, Speedboard, Roll & Rockabilly, Laser Scope, the UFOrce and much more. Today most of these gadgets are included in a more interesting way on the Wii.