Sega – Saturn

The Saturn is a game console developed by Sega in 1994. The Saturn name comes from it being the sixth console sold all over the earth, hence the name, the sixth planet Saturn. Sega also wanted evoked by that name, a world totally different from what the players knew before. In fact, the arrival of 32-bit consoles and 3D gaming was revolutionary. The Saturn believed to have the advantage over the PlayStation 2 with their two big hits: Virtua Fighter 2 and Sega Rally, but with Sony’s marketing power, the PlayStation continued to dominate. The coup de grace was given to Sega when Sony released Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation in 1997.

The Saturn had its strengths, it had a great superiority in 2D and also a better sound processor. At its release in Japan for Christmas at the end of 1994, the Saturn was well received but the clientele reproached Sega for the low choice of games; it offered only 5 games at its release, when the PlayStation offered 4 times more. The biggest hit was of course Virtua Fighter; the followers of this game were waiting impatiently for its release on console. The game was excellent, but the graphics were not as impressive as expected. Sega also released the RAM cartridges. These cartridges are memory extension; they increase the memory of the console. These cartridges were one of the major strong points of the Saturn compared to the PlayStation, which could not handle such extensions. The games that were using them, were much more beautiful and richer in details.